Our Story

Creating beautiful, handmade crystal jewelry with love and sparkly intentions!

Meet the person behind the scenes! Emylee is an enthusiastic, creative individual who has a passion for crystals.

"I have been working with "earth babies" for many years now. Each crystal has a unique energy and story to teach us, and I am continuously surprised and inspired by the lessons I learn from the stones. My passion is to help others on their journey to discovering themselves and their inner voice; to teach, share, and learn about crystals and the positive and life changing impact they can have for each and every one of us.

Intuitive crystal readings, classes, and energy work have been my outlet for encouraging and introducing people to the amazing world of gemstones. Crystals are such happy creatures, and they provide support and comfort as we progress through different stages in our lives. Whether you are a skeptic, a crystal-fanatic, or somewhere in between, crystals provide their loving, nurturing energy to anyone in need. 

My goal with the Spirit Roots Company is to make affordable and unique jewelry that people can wear day to day, allowing them to embrace the energies crystals have to offer. Each piece is handmade with love and positive intentions! I also strive to source high quality, ethically mined crystals, all hand picked and purchased from reliable sources with "good vibes" and an appreciation for crystals."

If you have any questions about certain crystals, and or their properties, please send me a message :)

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