Bracelet Sizing

To determine bracelet size, follow the steps below. 

1. Measure your wrist below the wrist bone (where you would normally wear your bracelet) using a bracelet gauge, a flexible measuring tape, a string, or a strip of paper. Make sure the measuring utensil is snug, but not too tight.

2. If using a plain strip of paper or string, mark your strip with a pen where the end of the bracelet needs to be. Then measure the paper strip/ string with a ruler. This is the WRIST SIZE. 

3. To find the BRACELET SIZE, increase the wrist measurement by the increment below, based on how you want the bracelet to fit.

~ For: a snug fit, add 1/2".
~ For a comfort fit, add 3/4" to 1". 
~For a loose fit, add 1-1/4".


Chain Sizing

Refer to the sizing pictures below to determine the best fit for your desired length.

Women's Sizing Guide

Men's Sizing Guide

**Please note different lengths will fall shorter and longer depending on the build of your body.**

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